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Khedr Trust For Engineering Industries

Khedr Trust is a leading Egyptian company specialized in manufacturing air conditioning products with more than 11 years experience in the Egyptian market, offering you more than 24 different products from air outlets, air conditioning ducts and all necessary accessories .

Khedr Trust is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified and OHSAS 18001 certified and 15 products have been certified as the first stage by Intertek according to American codes.

Khedr Trust has been approved in many projects with one of the largest consulting offices in Egypt, such as Shaker, ECG, Sabour, and the Engineering Authority

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why we choose you

you`ll always have a good reason to choose us


quality is paramount to our work , we provide expertise and genuine commitment to quality on every project , no matter the size, market or quantity with 100 % quality satisfaction aspect.


we built our business on our products and relationships. we believe credibility, honesty and great product are the only way to do business. our support team is always there to report .


Our singular focus is to become an extension of our customer’s organization. we dedicate our self to keep you running smoothly , so you can service your customers and grow your business .


we have more than 15 years of experience in HVAC field. our decades of experience, knowledge and technicalities allows us to do work which is unrivalled and un compromising toward the quality .


Numbers Speakers.


Well designed and certified products


Air conditioning projects in different applications


Customers are Satisfied with our Services


Khedr Trust For Engineering Industries

Khedr Company has a special technical and structural characteristics which make its products meet the requirements of any HVAC project.

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