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khedr company

KHEDR Company has started in the local market of Egypt since 2007 as a contracting company working in HVAC systems under the name of Egypt Cool; promptly it occupied a prominent position in its field.

It had become a well-known contracting company in Egypt and has a good reputation in some Arab countries.
In 2009 KHEDR took the next step which is manufacturing its products that support contracting projects and introduce KHEDR Company to the market.

The company owns a factory for manufacturing sheet and all central air conditioning requirements with the latest international technology

KHEDR manufactures duct work, Air outlets and Dampers using a very professional technique, new machines and a highly trained laborer.

KHEDR aim is continuous improvement to grow better and better and establish its name as synonymous to Experience.

Air outlet been launched by Mr . Ahmwd gamal lndustries in 2007 in association with a group of specialist in the manufacuring of air terminals . Khadr industries is a well – established group , specializing in the engineering manufacturing and trading of equipment for the building services industry in general and the air-conditioning sector in particular.

Our Vision:
We develop innovative air outlet in order to match always better our customers,Expectations.
We base our efforts and our success on:
Our unique know-how and technological expertise.
A strong business ethic and an company philosophy based on 4 core values.

Our Mission:
Providing our clients competitive & Premium quality equipment & Services keeping cloing close elation-ships with clients / comnsultants and strong market coverage.
Training, knowledgeable and committed staff with strong synergy.
Seeking growth through new ideas, products and expansion.
Continuous improvement of besiness processes.
Prompt and efficient after slaws services.

Our Value:
An unerlenting vow to equality and respect for our employees.
Honoring our commity dealig with a helpful and cooperative attitude.
Integrity in dealing with suppliers and society.
A persistent pledge to health & safety an enduring promotion of ownership, continual improvement & accountability.

Our Certificate:
performance test to supply grille square ceiling diffuser
custom made approach           
that blends tailor made solution with manufacturing quality and efficiency.

Giving full support to the customer with aComplete range of V. control damper service and assistance contracts.